[Solved] Pricing Table. What is Retention of data? Also, what are SLA and MAU?

I would like to ask what is the meaning of retention of data on free users (which is 7days)? Also, what are SLA and MAU. I’m sorry for this question, I’m not a native Portuguese speaker.

Olá @Francis_Earl_S_Fojas,

  • Retention of data is the time we keep your bot’s data stored.

  • SLA means Service-Level Agreement that is a commitment between BLiP and you about the quality and availability of platform. The 95% or 99.5% represents the percent of time we garantee that BLiP will works fine.

  • MAU is Monthly Active Users - the number of users that sent or received any message to/from your bot.

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Hi! I have a question, bot’s data stored, do you mean you store the data that the user just sent? Or you store data was retrieved by the API that will be sent to the user?

Hi @Francis_Earl_S_Fojas,

just transational data, what means basically messages (sent or received), metrics (reports and graphs) and contact informations. BLiP will not delete configurations or data necessary to execute your bot.