[Solved] Max Number of User Intent Per Block Handled

I would just like to ask if there is a way for a single block to handle more than 25 user intents. Thanks.

Hi @Elmer_Arapoc,

there isn’t a way to add more than 25 output conditions in a single block.
But remember that you can always add a block as default output of another block, and thus make more 25 outputs conditions.

Let’s see a sample:

I have two blocks:

  • Block A
  • Block B

The Block A has 25 output conditions for 25 user intents and has the Block B as default output.
The Block B has 15 output conditions for 15 different user intents.

So, we are able to handle 40 user intents.

Thank you!
I was worried at first if I would have to do anything on the user input and the user intent (like storing it on a variable) to carry it over to the next block, but found out that it is automatic. Everything is good now. Thank you!

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