[Solved] Is it possible that the Chatbot will be the first to message the user instead of the other way around?


I use builder and I need for my chatbot to be the one to message the users instead of the user messaging the chatbot first to start the conversation. Is that possbile? If it is, how do I do it?


Hi @Francis_Earl_S_Fojas,

this is possible in BLiP Chat, Email, SMS and Whatsapp channels.
What channel are you using?


facebook messenger and workplace


Hi @Francis_Earl_S_Fojas,

so in this case isn’t possible :frowning:
These channels don’t allow this behavior.


Hi! I would like to test if this is possible in BLiP Chat, Email, SMS, and Whatsapp. What do I do to test this?


Hi @Francis_Earl_S_Fojas,

you should use BLiP API in order to send an active message for those channels.


Which channel has a specific domain and each user in a domain (channel) has a specific identifier.
You must join this data to build a user identifier and send a message.

Let me show you a sample:

To send an active Email to the user xpto@gmail.com
So, I need to send a message to the contact identity xpto%40gmail.com@mailgun.msging.net

    "id": "123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000",
    "to": "xpto%40gmail.com@mailgun.msging.net",
    "type": "text/plain",
    "content": "Hello, how can I help you?"

The link below shows all domain identifier (channels)



Thanks Rafael! I’ll check it out now =)