[Solved] Intent response to dialogflow not working

Good Morning,

I attempted to link my BLiP chatbot to Dialogflow after watching the following video:

I tried to do it step by step but I am still unable to get it work.

Thank you very much in advance for advising me!!! slightly_smiling_face:

Below is a picture of my builder:

It is already connect to a dialogflow as AI:

Intents are trained as well:

When I test out, i just goes back to welcome message:

Is there any ways to troubleshot it?

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Hi Ryan @Tan_Guo_Zheng

If you go to the Test AI model option and put the same sentence “what time do we need to report”, will it return the correct intention?

Hi Bcamarda,

It doesn’t
Please refer to the picture below:

Is there any reason why the intention is ‘None’?

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In additional,

I would also like to bring up that my dialogflow does not have the training phase copied over, only intents was created.

Why is it so?


You have to click “Train AI model” first, then you test in “Test AI model”. Train will submit your intents to DialogFlow.

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Hello @Tan_Guo_Zheng,

Did you solve this problem ? :thinking:

Hi Caiof,

Problem sovled.

Thank you.

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