[Solved] How to write data on Google Sheets using the data inputted by the user?


I am trying to create a chatbot that conducts a survey. The answers that was inputted by the user will be stored in a google sheet. My question is what is the best way to connect BLiP and google sheet in order to save these answers into the google sheet.


I’ve done an API who communicates with Google Sheets API and call my API in the flow. For me, that’s the best way to solve this problem.


Oh I see. How will I be able to get the message of the user in that case? :slight_smile: I mean, will I need it to store in a variable? How does it work?


Yeah. You will need to store the user input in a variable, then, you will pass that information in your request body. When you create a POST request, you can do it.

For example:
Request body

“nome_cliente”: “{{nomeCliente}}”,
“classificacao”: “{{nota}}”

who the “nome_cliente” is the key and the {{nomeCliente}} is the value that i have stored from the flow.


Okay. Thank you very much. The one doing the API is not yet finished that’s why I still cannot test it, but is it okay to POST an array. For example:
"nome_cliente “:” {{}} nomeCliente "
“classificacao”: “{{nota}}”
“nome_cliente “:” {{}} nomeCliente1”
“classificacao”: “{{nota1}}”


I think you can do it normally. But i have not tested it.