[Solved] Get multiple similar entities from input

I am building a pizzaria bot, one feature I want to implement is getting multiple of the same entities such as :

I want a Marguerita, a Calabresa and a Romana

Even though the AI provider is able to identify all the similar entities (seen on Test AI Model), I cannot extract these values on BLiP.

Anyone knows how to do this?


Is it possible to retrieve all entities in BLiP?

Hi @Nicolas_Gandar,

It’s totally possible use more than one entities in an input.
Take a look in my sample

In my model, “comprar camisa M e P” is an input with an intent FazerTroca and there are 2 diferent entities: Produto with value Camisa and Tamanho with values medio and pequeno.


Thank you for your answer.

This is my issue. I can see multiple entities when testing my AI model but I did not find a way to retrieve all the values when using the bot itself.

When I use {{input.intety.Pizza.value}}, the bot only recognizes Romana (check picture).

How do I get the calabresa too?


In order to use different values of an entity you need to set different blocks in Builder.
You must use Output Conditions to send the user to a specific block that handle an intent and a set of entities.

Nowadays, the variable {{input.entity.X.value}} will return just one value.

PS: You can check this using BLiP’s AI APIs (https://docs.blip.ai/#analyze-a-sentence-with-a-specific-model)

Thank you Rafael, I will have a look