[Solved] Error in facebook workplace

I connected my bot to facebook workplace and it already worked. Now I tried disconnecting my bot to workplace. Then, when I reconnected it, it is no longer working. What could be the problem in this?

I think I already know the problem. I messaged the chatbot when there was an error. Now when I fixed the error, still it is not working in Workplace. is there someway i can reset my whole conversation here in workplace?

Please help I really need to solve the error.

Hi @Francis_Earl_S_Fojas,

Have you done all settings in order to publish your bot in Workplace Channel?

Have you followed this article?

Sorry but this content is only in Portuguese right now.

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Hi Rafael! Thank your reply. The problem was just I needed to create a new Access Token in Workplace. I don’t know why but it worked. :smiley:

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Great !!!