[Solved] Difference in performance with Dialogflow.EntitiesInternalAnalysis True or False


I noticed a strong difference in performance with Dialogflow.EntitiesInternalAnalysis set as True or False.

When it is True, the agent works as intended:

The agent correctly identifies the intention as “Order” and finds the entities “Calabresa” and “Rucula”.

However, when Dialogflow.EntitiesInternalAnalysis is False, it misinterprets the intent as “Add toppings” and do not catch the “Calabresa” entity.

It is as if the “Pizza” entity was forgotten:

Did you train and publish your bot after changing the settings?

Yes I did, after every changes

Hi, @Nicolas_Gandar

if you change Dialogflow.EntitiesInternalAnalysis to false, you should guarantee that all your entities are presented in at least one phrase sample in your intents. It’s a Dialogflow’s limitation.

Please check this and send me what happened.