[Solved] Customized scheduling groups

Hi! Is there any other way where you can custom user groups for scheduled messages?

Hi @Francis_Earl_S_Fojas,

you have basically two different ways to send scheduling messages.

  1. By Broadcast tool, located at Growth module in BLiP portal.
  2. Programmatically by BLiP API as showed below.


In order to create you custom user group you also have basically two different ways.

  1. By Builder, using Manage Distribution List action
  2. Programmatically by BLiP API as showed below


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Is there a documentation or step by step procedure on how to use the Manage Distribution List action using the Builder. I am not that familiar with that feature.

Yes @Francis_Earl_S_Fojas, there is. However, this content is in Portuguese only :frowning: (Unfortunately)

PS: We are working to translate any content soon.

There is always an error on creating a list that does not exist yet :frowning: