[Solved] Apple Business Chat

Hi @rafaelpa.
I connected BLiP on my Apple Business Chat profile but I can’t send or receive messages. Last month it worked. When I changed bot (and reconnected) it doesn’t work anymore. How can I do to disconnect Apple Business Chat from BLiP and reconnect it? I can’t find Apple Business Chat integration on Channels menu. Thanks.

Hi @GPaoloFontani,

what is the correct bot you want keep? I’m seeing here that you have 4 bots connected in the same Business Chat. Because of that you are not sending or receiving messages. Please send me the identifier of the bot you want use.

Hi @rafaelpa. I want to keep only gpaolofontani bot. Thanks a lot.

@GPaoloFontani, everything is fine now. Could you check if you are sending and receiving messages?