[Solved] AI Integration on Artificial Intelligence page

How can I integrate LUIS or any NLU with chat bot on Artificial Intelligence page ?

Please provide related document for this.


Hi @Nguyen_Le_Nguyen,

When you access the AI provider page you should see a Documentation tab, with all necessary steps to enable the integration.

Unfortunately, the contents for Dialogflow and Watson are available only in Portuguese right now. (We are working to translate this asap).

Thanks for your reply, but this is the way you connect the to NLU by using credential only.

What is the output for integrating NLU ?
How can I test the output after integrating NLU ?

Can you give sample step by step for testing the output?

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Hi @rafaelpa,
Could you please have any update ?


Hi @Nguyen_Le_Nguyen,

sorry for the long delay.

If you have already connected your NLP provider and created your model (intents + entities) you need just go to builder and use the output conditions (Intent identified or entity identified)

I have some tutorials, but only in Portuguese :expressionless:

Take a look at the unit 5 (5. Criando bots com algoritmos de NLP) (5. Creating chatbots with NLP algorithms).

Please, let me know if you have any doubts.

Thanks @rafaelpa,

I try to use your builder but I can’t understand points at here.

Can you share the simple design by json file so I can import to my builder? For instance, The bot ask the name of user and send this back to user.

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Hi @Nguyen_Le_Nguyen,

take a look at this file.

faqlojavirtual.json (27,9 KB)

This is a very simple e-commerce bot. Note that you should have an AI module properly setted.
Use the file below to import all intents and entities.


Hi @rafaelpa,

Do you have any English example ?

Hi @Nguyen_Le_Nguyen,

For now I don’t have this sample in English.
Btw, you need just translate the words… This is just a sample to you understand how to set everything.