[Solved] Activation webview


I would like to use the webview to view web pages like google forms, youtube, my facebook page in my chatbot. Please help me. Thank you


hi igoress_be, how are your level acknowledgement about blip ? What are channel you using ? Blip Chat , Whatsapp , facebook etc ? basically all actions , i mean ,web view or web link done in the Blip Chat you have to put a link web to user like this.
1º Choose web link

2º Put your web link, Title, subtitle and finally put the link and check to save and confirm the changes.


I think you did not understand my question.
Webview is a feature on the messenger platform that allows you to display a web page in the chatbot. I am not trying to insert a link in the chatbot but rather to display the link in the chatbot.
Here is a link that talks about what I want to do:https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/webview?locale=fr_FR


Hi @igoress_be,

I didn’t understand what you need to do.
If you want to see pages like google, youtube and facebook so you need to use WebLink content, as @Daniel-Gomes says.

Can you give me an example more detailed about this?