[Resolvido] POST HTTP Request with an array of string?


Hi! I have a question. I am connecting my BLiP chatbot into a Google Sheet using Integromat. Everything works fine except that when i try to process HTTP Request POST with a property containing an array of string, it displays an error 400.

What could be the error of this?
Is it possible to process HTTP Request POST using BLiP with an array of string? If not, what would be the best workaround?

*Note: In this example {{surveyAnswers}} is the array of string.


Hi @Francis_Earl_S_Fojas,

if your variable has special characters, like " the replace process will fail.
In this case you must use a Execute Script action to build the JSON that you will use to send to Integromatic.


So for example, I have a variable named sampleJson, then how do I put it in the builder.json?


Hi @Francis_Earl_S_Fojas,

You need just put {{sampleJson}} in builder.json file :wink:


Oh cool! I did not know that was possible. I’ll try it right away. Thanks =)