How do I confirm the answer?

Hello, I’m creating a registration system by the blip builder, I already asked them like name and email, I would like to know before jumping to the next question, if there is a bot ask if it is correct, example:

"What’s your name?
Carlos G.
Do you confirm this? "

If yes, skip to the next question, if not, the bot asks to enter the name again.


Hi Vinicius, how are you? Welcome to our community!

To do this, you will need to store the user’s response in a variable, using the Set Variable action (e.g.: name). In the next block, you send the message using the variable.

“{{name}}. Do you confirm this?”

This should look like:

“Carlos G. Do you confirm this?”

In the Output Conditions, you can check the answer.

If User input contains Yes, proceed
Otherwise, go back to the block asking for the name.

instead of asking each question to confirm that the name is complete, it would be like asking all the questions at the end of all questions: are these data correct?
if the user answers no he asks what is wrong, the user answers name for example,
redirects to the name and changes, then returns to the general confirmation asking if the data is correct, if the user answers yes, finishes the registration

Do the same process as I mentioned above, but also adding the other variables.

Are these data correct?

In this step, if he types no, direct him to another block that asks which attribute is incorrect and use the answer to take him to the corresponding block, always using Output Conditions.