Change Language 'Digite sua mensagem aqui' on BLiP Chat Widget

Hi. How can I do to change Change Language ‘Digite sua mensagem aqui’ on BLiP Chat Widget? Thanks a lot.

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You can change by accessing your bot homepage and selecting another culture, like this:

1 - Access: and select your bot
2 - Now in the home, change the settings of Culture (bellow creation date)

3 - Save the new settings
4 - et voilà!

Ps: i’m tried in Italian, but still in portuguese. So, i recommend to use English for now.


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Thanks a lot @GabrielPetrone!!! It works. Have a nice day.

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Your welcome! or like we said here in Brazil, IS US! :rofl::rofl:

Hey, why don’t you share some of your musics here in this topic?


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Heeey @GPaoloFontani! How are you? Welcome to our Community! We’re so glad to have you here!

I saw that one of ours top blippers @GabrielPetrone already helped you with your question. Please, feel free to come back whenever you need :blush:

I’m curious… Can you tell us how your experience with Blip have been so far? Our forum is a safe place to share your background :smiley:

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